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Nov. 30th, 2012 01:06 pm
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I hope you enjoy using this comm to post what you've made & get to know your fellow birds.

what can i post here?

- anything you made for [community profile] theaviary
- games or social activities for your fellow members
- getting to know you posts, friending memes

what can't i post here?

- endless promotional posts. if its just promotions for other comms all the time, i'll organise a different way of doing it. try not to post more than 1 posts a week of promotions. there are other comms for that.
- anything you think may offend or upset any member.

Be nice and it'll be just fine!
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Many of my favorite characters fall into this trope :)

5 badass bookworm icons:

Rupert Giles Merlin Daniel Jackson Captain Jean-Luc Picard Tenth Doctor

Rupert Giles / Merlin / Daniel Jackson / Captain Jean-Luc Picard/ Tenth Doctor

H50 recast

Mar. 7th, 2013 11:24 am
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So, there's this commentfest thing going on, have you heard? Anyway, I got stuff that's too big for a comment, so I'm gonna leave it here.

For [personal profile] entwashian who asked for "ideas of actors/actresses you'd cast as gender-swapped versions of the 5-0 team."

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Title: Telephone
Author: [personal profile] ozqueen
Fandom: The Baby-sitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Pairing/Characters: Claudia Kishi & Stacey McGill
Rating/Category/Trigger and Content Warning: G, canon compliant, friendship fic
Word Count: 2636
Disclaimer: These characters and the original canon content referenced throughout remain property of the original creators; I'm just playing.
Spoilers: References to early canon (the first 30 books) throughout, including discussion of the canon death of a minor character.

Summary: Five times Claudia and Stacey did not talk about boys.

dreamwidth | AO3 | FFN

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title The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Running Into Trouble
author Emy Naso
review I have no idea what the author intended, but this book is so bad that it’s actually funny. You know how you hear people say that they’ve read published fiction that is worse than fanfiction. Well, here you go.
WARNINGS book and review are R-rated(-ish), also I'm not very nice --- I gave it 1 out 5 stars only because I found it so bad it amused me.

Short version:
The sheer volume of epithets was amazing. Never have I seen so many in one place. And the sex scenes were hilariously unsexy.

tl;dr version: )

This is book one in a planned series. Now I have to ask you, does it sound like the beginning of a beautiful relationship or what?
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The challenge is:
You are tasked with creating a crime-fighting (or crime-making, or something) team of people called the Zodiac. Your team has 12 members. They might have superpowers, they might not and they carry out a task.

Choose either 12 characters that already exist OR original characters that you are making and cast an actor/actress to play them. They must link loosely to each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in some way.

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I hope this qualifies! It's a graphic for Genly Ai and Estraven's journey over the Ice in The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. I made it half for this challenge and half for a personal series of songs I associate with characters. You can see my original tumblr post here.

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My entries for Challenge 19; Based on, I made a picspam of some of my favourite books.

Coraline (also @ Tumblr)

Good Omens (also @ Tumblr)

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Flashpoint logo

Flashpoint (2008-2012) is a Canadian cop show for people who like their good guys, well, good.

The show tells the story of the Police Strategic Response Unit (SRU), a police unit modeled on the Toronto Police Service Emergency Task Force. The fictional SRU is responsible for all of the things a regular SWAT team does, plus a little more. They’re the ones you call to rescue the hostages or take down the gunman, but they’re also the ones who try to negotiate for the release of the hostages or talk down the gunman. In other words, talk first, shoot only if necessary.

There’s no room for thoughtless violence or rule bending here, and the show sometimes does a nice job of upending some of the typical police show stereotypes. Shooting people brings real consequences, PTSD is a problem, and team members are encouraged to talk about their feelings while simultaneously being discouraged from using alcohol as a way to deal with their jobs.

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In this challenge we have to create a crime-fighting (or crime-making, or something) team of people called the Zodiac. 12 characters each representing 12 signs of the zodiac. In short, this is a challenge which gives me the chance me to cast 12 people into a team of superhumans. Why, I can not NOT cast my current obsession EXO which has exactly 12 members, can't I? It's not helping that they already have superpowers in their MVs/teasers, but that would be too easy so I will assign different powers to each of them. I'm so bad at making up stories, some of these are pure crack.

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OK, it's a campy space opera. So? It's fun, wacky, and has more plot holes than you can shake a stick at. Sometimes it takes itself too seriously (I mean, just look at the gifs I've peppered through the post) and sometimes it's so over-the-top you just want to groan. But you know what? THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT AWESOME. It's like every trope and cliche wrapped up with some stereotypical characters and it's just so. much. fun.

So grab the popcorn, let's go for a ride!

+ andromeda-web.com for screencaps, forum, etc. (they had a rewatch a while ago that reignited my love of the show)
+ [livejournal.com profile] andromeda_fans a somewhat active LJ comm for fans of the show


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SUMMARY: if campy space-operas are your thing, you should check it out!
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Good is not nice, polite, well-mannered, self-righteous, or naive, though good characters may be some of these things.
— Dungeons & Dragons, The Book of Exalted Deeds

This trope made me think of Natasha Romanoff - who is one of my favorite characters - so I made a fanmix and some icons in response which you can find under the cut.

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title: The Night Circus
author: Erin Morgenstern
word count: way too many
reviewed for [community profile] theaviary Challenge 005
nest: [community profile] birdsofprey 

This book has been on my wish list for some time now, so when an acquaintance on FB announced that she was reading it, I chimed in, and she suggested we read it at the same time. I had absolutely no expectations, and knew nothing of what the actual story would be about aside from the obvious: there is a circus, it must come alive at night, and it is full of magic. Having finished the three hundred and some odd pages now, I can tell you exactly what the book is about. There is a circus. It operates at night, and it is full of magic.


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Title: Bad Boyfriend
Author: KA Mitchell
Wordcount: 395
Review: Here at my DW.